Ways you can help without leaving your chair!


Send some emails, let our local and national representitves hear what you have to say about the proposals to build on greenbelt land.

Ravenmeols Ward   Harrington Ward   Members of Parliament
Cllr Catie Page (lab)
Cllr Gillian Cuthbertson (Ind)
email   Secretary of State for Local Government
Cllr Peter Maquire (Lab)
Cllr Denise Dutton (Con)
email     Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP email
Cllr David McIvor (con)
Cllr Nina Killen (Lab)
email   Bill Esterson MP Sefton Central email


If you are not sure who your Local Councillor is, visit the find your councillor webpage, where there are many more ways to contact your local representitve.

Not From Formby?

If this hasn't effected you yet, it will be coming to a place near you soon. This is all part of a Government stratergy to ease restrictions on building on greenbelt land. So we still encourage you to email Secretary of State or contact your MP.


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Volunteer! Can you donate some time or expertise to the cause? Have you any experience of local campaigning? Fund raising? Do you know anything about Publicity and the media? Have you any legal knowledge?

Can you deliver leaflets? Are you any good at knocking on doors? OK the last two you can't really do without leaving your chair, but it will keep you fit! If so please get in touch through our contacts page.