NEW Planning Application submitted for 97 houses

Land To The South Of Andrews Lane, Formby

Andrews Lane

Grounds for objection.

F.R.A.G.O.F.F think that this Planning application should be opposed for the following reasons.

Green Belt Issues

  • Until this land is removed from the green belt, it remains in, the as of recieving this application this land was still green belt and until removed by the Secretary of State remains green belt.

Flooding Issues

  • Part of the site is in Flood Zone 1 having a less than 1 in 1,000 annual probability of river or sea flooding, part of the site is in Flood Zone 3 having a 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of river flooding, however as we have seen, after the winter floods of 2015 it was widely acknowledged the concepts of probability of annual flood will have to be revisited. Boundaries between zones can no longer be relied upon.
  • Soak-aways don't work when the land in this area of Formby becomes saturated throughout Autumn and winter.
  • The area around the site suffers regularly from surface water flooding because of the inability of existing surface water sewers to discharge into the ordinary watercourses. Putting more water into the local watercourses quicker will cause additional flooding elsewhere [Please take photographs or supply any you already have].
  • The proposed attenuation pond is unlikely to provide sufficient storage to cope with additional runoff as it is situated in an area of the site that is saturated with high ground water levels throughout the winter.
  • Below ground storage here will not work during long wet periods. As the land is saturated it is likely to compromise the efficiency of swales and basins. If Sustainable Drianiage Systems (SuDs) fail to control runoff this will increase flooding elsewhere.
  • Raising the land to elevate finished floor levels of the new properties may affect natural land drainage and ground water, this may affect nearby residents relying on soak-aways already failing to cope with climate change. No modelling has been undertaken to consider the consequences of this mitigation measure.

Traffic Issues

  • The site is not well connected to the road network, “it is neither adjacent to or contains a primary route network road”.
  • The site performs poorly with respect to the provision of a local bus service, how far do people have to walk to a bus stop? When they get there what are the service/destinations on offer?
  • There is employment within 5km of the sites but the extent, range and nature of the local employment generally is limited. So new residents are more likely to commute to work.
  • From the centre of the proposed site distances to the local centre (approx 0.8km) and town centre (approx 1.4km) are reasonable but the quality of the pedestrian linkages are poor and unattractive. The facilities of the local centre are very limited.
  • The nearest GP services are located town centre, these are already oversubscribed, with a more limited chiropody service in the local centre.
  • All the above suggests that the car journeys generated from this site will be considerable.
  • Traffic at the railway crossing is already bad [here is where residents can add their local knowledge please take picture of the congestion and make a note of times and dates].
  • The existing junction/ bend leading to the site is already dangerous adding more cars will make it worse. SAFETY!
  • The existing junction is heavily used by school children and cyclist, vulnerable road users. SAFETY!

Environmental Issues

  • This Land is prime agricultural land and was upgraded in the 2012 Agricultural Land Study, previously this Parcel SO49 of which this field forms part was graded as 3b best and most versatile agricultural land.
  • The development will require the culverting of the existing watercourse and removal of trees. However there is no habitat assessment, These areas are optimum habitat for North Merseysides Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species. This would destroy important habitat for migratory birds and water voles..

How to Object.

To object online:

Follow the blue link below and click the 'Make a Comment button'.

Fill in the 'Make a representation' online form, don't forget to include your email address to obtain a confirmation reply. Lastly don't forget to click on the submit button!

Click here to go to the ' Planning Application' page now

To object by post send your objection letter to:

Planning Services
Department of the Built Environment
Magdalen House
30 Trinity Road
    L20 3NJ

The letter should include the Application Reference Number DC/2017/00606 and the address of the building site, Land To The South Of Andrews Lane Formby. Your Name and Address and your "Grounds for Objection", the reasons you do not whish the development to go ahead.

Please send us your photo's

FRAGOFF already have some photographs of this site as we objected to it's inclusion in the Local Plan. PLEASE can you send more of your photos to we will make sure they are included in the PArish Council's and FRAGOFF's objection to this site.