Mission Statement

The aims and Objectives of the group are:

Our Mission is to protect and preserve our environment in protecting our green belt and agricultural land for all future generations throughout the UK.

To lobby the government to ensure that all green belt land is protected for all future generations.

To protect and preserve our local environment and the interests of local residents in protecting our green belt and agricultural land.

To consider critically and take all appropriate action in regard to proposed new major housing developments in Formby and its vicinity, specifically:

  • The development off Liverpool Road proposed by David Wilson Homes.
  • All future housing development in the defined area
  • To seek to ensure that proper and timely Enforcement action is taken by Sefton Council wherever breaches in planning/change of use permission occur.
  • To promote and further the preservation of the local environment as a residential area, the protection of the Green Belt, Heritage Land and Agricultural land within the area.
  • To monitor major planning applications (residential/commercial), applications for change of use (land/buildings) or any other such changes brought to the attention of the committee by local residents; and to take appropriate action where the proposed development/change of use is considered generally detrimental to residents or in any way contravenes Green Belt/Heritage Land guidelines or impacts upon either of our Conservation areas.
  • FRAGOFF cannot normally consider any involvement/action relating to individual planning issues and/or disputes.
  • To involve and engage with the local residents.
  • To oppose any application from any developer to build on green belt land.
  • To ensure that all publicity, statements and communication to the public is in a format that is understood by everyone.
  • To lobby for change in the local and national planning rules so that the local community have a far bigger say in the way their local community is shaped.
  • To lobby for change in the local and national planning rules so that our green belt land and agricultural land is fully protected.
  • To actively and openly support all other Action Groups campaigning against proposed development on green belt land so that we are seen as a neighbourly and collaborative organisation.

Anyone wishing to be involved in the group’s activities or to attend a meeting should contact the Chairman at frag.off1@gmail.com