A big thank you from Formby Resident's Action Group

Thank you

THANK YOU to all our supporters and for the shoe leather used in our campaign.

Elections are about winning, and we did not get the Council seats we were hoping for this time around, however we can’t stress enough how close we came with your help and support to success.  The impact of what we have done is reverberating around Sefton Council.  As with all successful campaign groups when we meet an obstacle we don’t stop,  we just prepare for an ascent!

FRAG was narrowly beaten in the Borough by an unprecedented leafleting campaign, a well oiled national party machine and a very savvy opposition.  As with everything our Green Belt group does we have already learned from this and are forming a coping strategy as I write.
FRAG not only stood at the borough elections but also for the Parish Council, here we won 9 of the 15 seats contested we now have control of Formby Parish Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The little acorn is now germinating, our influence is spreading, thanks to your efforts the neighbourhood Plan being drawn up by the Parish Council is going to look very different. 
FRAG is now the main opposition party in Formby and has pushed the major political parties into third place in Sudell and Park wards.
The whole FRAG team can’t thank you enough for your continued support, and we hope you will help us make our tenure on the Parish Council a success and a launch pad for next year’s Council elections.

Cllr (and now Parish Councillor) Maria Bennett
Newly Elected:
Parish Cllr (PC) Derek Baxter
PC Bob McCann
PC Dave Irvine
PC Dawn Brodie
PC Bernie Prescott
PC Pat Gwyther
PC Paul Wiencke
PC Liz Williams


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