FRAGOFF Welcomes Council Leader's Scrutiny!

Open Letter

FRAGOFF offers to submit to Cllr Dowds scrutiny in a public debate!

Following Cllr Dowd's remarks in the Formby Times ( tuesday 26th November )FRAGOFF would like to say that we welcome people scrutinising what we have to say, since the very start of our campaign in Sefton we have invited everyone to put Councillor Dowd’s Local plan under the microscope, we feel sure that others will agree that his numbers don’t add up. One of the driving forces behind standing candidates in the Local election is to make the Local Plan, which will determine much of what will happen in the Borough in the next 15 years, at the very forefront of peoples’ minds as they go to vote in the upcoming elections.

We hope that when Council Leader Dowd says the “Honeymoon is over”, that might indicate that he is now willing to come out and debate this matter with us publically. Previously when we have invited Cllr Dowd to an open debate he has refused, citing that the issue of the local plan will be resolved through the plan making process.

We would like to use the local newspapers and all other avenues to extend that offer once more, we invite Cllr Dowd to a public debate, FRAGOFF will provide the public venue and it will be chaired by an independent person and he will be able to answer the many questions people have. We will put forward representatives from our group to defend our criticism of the Draft Local Plan, and we will let the voting public of Sefton decide whether our argument merits their support in the upcoming Council Elections.

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