FRAg Win Ravenmeols Seat with landslide Victory!

Victory For Community

Formby Residents' Action Group defeat Labour's candidate Tom Donnelly by a landslide majority!

Right from the start the level of support our campaign recieved was overwhelming. Once again we asked the people of Formby and this time Ince Blundel too to help us help them fight for our Community and they, or should I say YOU delivered in style!

Many thanks to all our supporters and helpers throughout our campaign, without whom we would not have been able to put a candidate forward. An army of leafleters helped to deliver 15,000 flyers and cards, they stuffed envelopes and folded leaflets, put up posters and turned out in their droves on election day!

On the day we won by over 500 votes, with 41% of all votes cast! Maria Bennett FRAG 1649 votes, Labour's Tom Donnelly 1137 votes, Gemma Peace Conservative 725 votes and Jean Boardman UKIP 522 votes.

Thanks to you FRAG now has someone on the inside.  We have proved that when the community sticks together we can win and make changes. Community Action and Not Party Politics has proved to be a winning combination for FRAG our none party political stance has cemented support from all over the political spectrum. Doors are already beginning to open for us, FRAG now has representation at meetings that previously were closed to us.

Most importantly the people of Formby and Ince Blundel have sent a message to our current crop of politicians that they simply cannot ignore!

A very big thank you to everyone from all the team, and above all from Cllr Maria Bennett.



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