BBC Sunday Politics Interview new FRAG Councillor.

The BBC Sunday Politics spent a morning with new FRAG Councillor as more groups prepare to follow our example.

A BBC film crew from Sunday Politics northwest was in Formby on Wednesday to interview Cllr Maria Bennett and FRAGOFF about Green belt release and the issues of flooding and drainage on potential development sites under Labour’s Draft Local Plan.  Local resident Jan Roberts, whose property is already threatened by flooding explained to the BBC the potential impacts of raising the land next to her home.  Drainage expert John Williams who spent many  years working for Sefton Council in the Flooding and Drainage investigation team was on hand to explain why the Liverpool Road David Wilson Homes proposed housing development would have been disastrous for so many neighbouring properties.

The BBC crew were then shown new properties in Formby that have been empty and remained unsold for over 2 years, despite Labours claims that there is a 1113 home backlog of unmet demand for houses in Sefton, this set against a long term empty homes figure for the Borough of 5000.  It doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes (excuse the pun) to figure out that the Council’s sums don’t add up.

The type of housing proposed for the former Formby Powerhouse Site, given the go ahead last year, is enough to dispel the myth that these new properties will give first time buyers and Renters a step up on the housing ladder.  Belway’s Mews Style development would price even existing Formby residents out of the running for many these properties, and once again Labour’s crocodile tears for young home owners quickly evaporated when they agreed to let Belway build half the required number of “affordable” homes on this development, a move that was vigorously opposed by FRAGOFF.

The events of the last few months have shown that the wheels are starting to come off the Labour band wagon, the secret is out, it will largely people from outside of Sefton that will come to live on our green belt if the release goes ahead, and most of these homes will go to those with the deepest pockets not the greatest need.  The £9,000,000 pounds of “New Homes Bonus” money our Council will receive for these new properties will hardly begin to cover the long term damage from the increase risk of flooding caused by very many of these developments.  Once again a Labour administration may bankrupt the many for a few short term gains for the few.

We hope you spot Council Leader Dowd's misleading comment that Sefton Council have not built any houses on the green belt in the last 10 years, what about the 75 they have approved for Hoggs Hill Lane Formby, Building has already begun on that site!



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