Maria's Maria's year in the council!

Cllr Bennett

Thanks to your support we have made a start in my first year.

I have had the honour of representing Formby and Ince Blundell for the last 12 months. I continue to be overwhelmed by the support residents have given me in during this time.

The Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree, and Formby Community Action Groups are joining together to oppose the current draft of the Local Plan, which if it goes ahead in its current form will overwhelm the infrastructure in Sefton Central. The level of development proposed for Sefton is unsustainable and unprecedented in recent years.

There are great concerns even within the Council’s own documents as to the viability of this plan as it relies too heavily on private funding from developments to support necessary infrastructural improvements and affordable housing.

Since the first draft of the local plan, projections of population have fallen significantly, in the face of this the amount of green belt to be released has increased and the demands placed upon developers for affordable homes has decreased. Many Councillors have failed to represent the concerns of residents and have left them without a voice throughout the Plan making process.

In light of the above we feel that we have no option but to stand Community Action candidates against any Sefton Central Councillor that votes in support of this un-amended Local Plan on Thursday 22nd of January.

Cllr Maria Bennett Chair of FRAGOFF

Mr David Brennan Chair of Aintree Community Action Group

Mrs Patricia O’Hanlon Chair of Maghull and Lydiate Community Action Group


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