Brackenway Update

Brackenway Public Meeting Gild Hall Wed 23rd January 2019

The application for Brackenway is about to come before planning. Hopefully by Wednesday we will be able to tell you if it will be heard at the February or March Planning Committee.  The consultation has been extended with the new official deadline date being the 21st of January 2019, however Sefton Council will accept objections up until the day of the hearing. Comments on the Application can be made online by Clicking here.

The report from the developer relating to flood mitigation, discussed at the meeting, is here. 

Additional Information 

Residents have requested addtional information.

A list of Councillors with their contact details can be found here.  

A list of Councillors on the Planning Committee can be found here.

Objections mentioned in Tuesday night's slide show were.

Development will adversely affect immediate neighbours by...

  • Overlooking existing properties, loss of privacy, development will increase the risk of flooding elsewhere, below ground level water storage won’t work because of ground saturation and high water table, this will make existing problems like raw sewage flooding roads worse, raising land will cause overshadowing/loss of outlook.

Development will adversely affect local residents by.....

  • Increasing traffic on already congested roads, access to the site is unsuitable and may cause accidents, local amenities can’t cope, health and social services, schools, doctors, dentists.

Important issues everyone can and should include......

  • The development will put added pressure on rare habitat, layout and density of buildings not in-keeping with area, impact on nature conservation and biodiversity. Will destroy habitat for voles and remove protected acid grass land.

[you must include your full name address and signature]

Every adult per household may object to this application.

Or send objections to: Including the application number DC/2018/00093 to Planning Services, Department of the BuiltEnvironment, Magdalen House,30 Trinity Road, Merseyside, L20 3NJ.

New closing date is 21st January, however as stated above you can comment beyond that date.

I hope that helps.