Last update 13/09/2020


Liverpool Road Piling Noise and Vibration Update

Residents living closest to the Liverpool Rd Development Site will be receiving a FRAG leaflet from the Sunday 13th September.  FRAG have been responding to many complaints about the noise and vibration from the construction site for weeks/ months now.  Sefton Council are the Regulatory Authority when policing unacceptable noise from development.  Residents will not be surprised to learn that other Local Authorities are much more proactive when addressing construction site noise.  Click here to see the 'London Guide to Construction Noise and Vibration' to see how much more can be done.

Piling Leaflet

FRAG has obtained the help of a former Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Principal Inspector of Construction Sites, who informs us the the Developers at Liverpool Rd are falling short of their obligations to employ 'best practicable means' to mitigate against construction site noise and vibration.  In response to this information FRAG has secured a budget from Formby Parish Council to employ a Construction Site Noise and Vibration Consultant to review the practices of the Developers and challenge Sefton Council's view that everything possible is being done to reduce nuisance.

There is clearly more that can be done to reduce the suffering of residents neighbouring this site.  Sefton Council are the body that can insist on additional measures, if the Parish Council's Consultant identifies measures to mitigate noise Environmental Health Officers must enforce this or be failing in their legal duty of care.

If you have suffered from or are experiencing noise and vibration nuisance please register your complaint by phoning the council on 03451400845 Monday to Friday 8-6pm, and say that your compliant is for the attention of the Environmental Health Department.

Or click here to fill in Sefton Council's online contact form.  Please make sure you select the 'Environmental Health and Trading Standards' option in the drop down menu.


 Brackenway Update Leaflet!

Bracken HaltThose closest to the development site will have received a leaflet about the Brackenway Development having to be brought back before planning because of the adoption of Formby and Little Altcar Neighbourhood Plan.  This will enable residents to object again to the planning application.  There are now additional policies you can use to object to this development.  

The Neighbourhood Plan was designed to prevent development like that proposed at Brackenway.  There and several policies that Councillors can use to reject this application at planning committee.  We would encourage everyone to resubmit their objections to this development and we have included a useful list of Neighbourhood Plan policies that you may consider using in your objection.

For more information click here!




Romsey Avenue Infill Development 

Romsey Ave Plan

For more information on how to object to this development click here 

A Big Thank You to all our Supporters.

FRAG secured a perfect election night taking every seat we contested!

We would like to thank everybody who made this possible.  It was a very close fight with our main opponents resorting to some questionable tactics, however we came through on the night. 

Ravenmeols ResultHarington Results

FRAG also kept control of Little Altcar and Formby Parish Council.  All of the FRAG candidates that stood in Thursday's election were successful thanks to the support of our residents.

FRAG Fibs PopUp

Pop-Up Bill is spinning like a top as this years election campaign enters its final days, keep up to date with Bill's whoppers and find out more about the Fibs and Facts about FRAG click here.

Are You Here to See Bill Esterson's Pro Fracking Voting Record?

Go to theyworkforyou.com the independent organisation that keeps track of your MP's behaviour and voting record. See how your MP 'heroically' abstained on a vote for a moratorium on fracking and voted for more deregulation for his friends in the fracking industry.

Altcar Lane Hedge.

Having spoken to residents on Altcar Lane and surrounding area there was much interest in the Altcar Lane Housing Development.  FRAG opposed this development and the destruction of the hedge which is coming in to bloom right now. However approval was given, pushed through at nearly 11:30pm, this is not an appropriate way to determine a planning application.  It is an utter disgrace to destroy this beautiful hedgerow.  FRAG Candidate for Little Altcar Parish Council Yvonne Irving commissioned a report on behalf of Little Altcar Parish Council in support of the hedge. Here is the link, and thanks to all of those who took the time to talk to us. FRAG also asked for this application to be called in for review by the secretary of state.  Sadly were were unsuccessful.

Don't Be Hoodwinked by Labour Leaflet.

We have become aware of the current Labour leaflet being delivered right now, claiming the the Brackenway housing scheme is in FRAG's Neighbourhood Plan, This is completely untrue and we have we have written to the Returning Officer to complain.  Don't take our word for it, check it out yourself. https://www.sefton.gov.uk/media/1538265/1-Formby_NP_Submission-Version_310119.pdf

Brackenway Update: It's not good news we're affraid. Yesterday those of us that presented the request to the Secretary of state  to consider whether the application  decision should be  called in for further consideration were notified that the request had been refused. This means that the decision of the local planning committee is upheld and that outline permission to build has been given.

Can we take this further? Well yes we could, however this would be an uphill fight that would be expensive. A judicial review costs an initial £10k, then a potential further £40k. If the case was lost then costs could be awarded as well. Considering that we would effectively be arguing two decisions, one being from the Secretary of State, it would be unlikely to be a successful legal challenge.

So, is that it then? Not entirely. This was only Outline permission. There was no detail of design, layout etc. This will all be determined following a further application for Full Plannng Permission where all the details have to be presented. We will be able to argue further points at that committee hearing and this is where conditions can be imposed onto the developer. Additionally, when the development commences we will need to be on guard for any transgressions of conditions. Anyone who knows anything about the Andrews Lane development will be aware of the tricks and problems that have been experienced. We continue to fight and represent residents who have experienced problems.

When will development start? Only after the next planning application has been approved, so no time soon at the moment, but our feeling (guess) is at the earliest next year. But if they're keen it could be months before ground works start (don't hold us to this).

FRAG has longer term intentions that we will not publicise here, but for now we carry on to hold council officers and developers to account. The fight is never over and we stand by our friends and neighbours shoulder to shoulder.

If you like what FRAG does, please VOTE for us in May.

If you don't Vote, you won't get this level of support! Remember the Labour letter we all received saying objecting to the development was not the way to go? Our members were insulted, were you?


About us

We have changed our name. Formed in 2012 FRAGOFF was (and still can be if needed) a pressure group, however as we have taken on a wider role of responsibility, locally as the Parish Council and Borough wide as ward Councillors, we thought it more appropriate to drop the 'Opposition From Formby' part of our name because our influence and partnerships are further afield. So now we are known as Formby Residents Action Group.

We originally formed to fight development on the green belt, initially it involved a group of residents living around the farmers field between Alt Rd, Liverpool Rd and Formby bypass.  Soon people further away started to take an interest as developers snapped up more land in Formby, Maghull and Aintree. Since then FRAG has fought against Sefton's Local Plan and spoke up at the public inquiry representing residents concerns about infrastructure, loss of protected habitat, traffic congestion and flooding and drainage, all likely to suffer under the strain of new development.  Most recently members of FRAG fought along side residents at Andrews Lane as they tried to defeat a development on farmland near Hoggs Hill Lane railway crossing.  Residents in the upcoming battles will benefit greatly from the lessons learned in their struggle and we extend our thanks. 

Winter is coming - and so are the elections in May

Yes it's true, FRAG have been the majority group in the Parish Council for 4 years in May, we think we have achieved a lot in that time. Not only have we been able to provide some projects for the community, but we have been able to support many local residents on a personal basis when they have had problems. We have fought our cause on many occasion with Sefton Council, and are the only group that will stand up to officers and opposition councillors alike. We have no allegiance to anybody other than the residents of our community. Party politics have failed Formby. Bootle and the south of the Borough make the decisions that the local Labour councillors follow. They want to build large houses wherever they can to try and fund their projects on the south. The Conservative councillors are ineffective, out of touch, and poor representatives of the community. ONLY FRAG councillors will hold Sefton to account and not 'cosy up' to officers of the council. Maria Bennett, who lost her Borough Council seat last year by only a few votes will be looking for your support again this year. But not only Maria needs your support. All the Parish Council seats are up for re-election this year, and we would like to be given the chance to represent you again. Even better, why not come and join us! 

UPDATE: St Lukes Church Rd Formby.

As part of the Formby Parish Council, FRAG members are fighting to get a resolution to the problem surrounding St. Lukes Church Road and the access to both Albert and Alexander roads.  This stretch of road was successfully  claimed as a byway open to all traffic by Formby Civic Society in 1998.  However the order was never enacted by Council Officers in a shocking dereliction of duty!  Formby Parish Council have submitted a claim to the road however Sefton Council are currently seeking private agreements with land owners to reduce the level of access to this right of way. FRAG members have secured legal advice, via the Parish Council, in order to take this situation to a more formal level.