NEW Plans in for 97 homes on Land Behind Andrews Lane, Formby


We defeated this development last time, help us do it again.

An application has been submitted to build homes on land behind Andrews Close Formby. Although this site is included in the Local Plan to be released for development, at the the time of submission this land was in the green belt, and until assent for its release is made by the Secretary of State remains Green Belt!

The developers have applied for "Full Planning Permission", this means that they must demonstrate that they can address all issues regarding development. this is different from last time when they could have been granted planning permission with "reserved matters" to be approved at a later date.

As there is now more detail there are now additional issues object to. Click here to find out how to object.

Do you know a neighbour who is not online? Download a leaflet and print off a leaflet, spread the word!

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