Last updated 09/03/19

Brackenway update: The hearing took place and, as we expected, was voted through for approval. All the Labour Group, bar one token refusal, voted this site through in a well rehearsed, and familiar, orchestration. Excellent representations were made speaking out against it, and approaching 150 residents turned up to object. We must now wait to see if this decision is called in by the Secretary of State for reconsideration. The fight is not quite over yet.

About us

We have changed our name. Formed in 2012 FRAGOFF was (and still can be if needed) a pressure group, however as we have taken on a wider role of responsibility, locally as the Parish Council and Borough wide as ward Councillors, we thought it more appropriate to drop the 'Opposition From Formby' part of our name because our influence and partnerships are further afield. So now we are known as Formby Residents Action Group.

We originally formed to fight development on the green belt, initially it involved a group of residents living around the farmers field between Alt Rd, Liverpool Rd and Formby bypass.  Soon people further away started to take an interest as developers snapped up more land in Formby, Maghull and Aintree. Since then FRAG has fought against Sefton's Local Plan and spoke up at the public inquiry representing residents concerns about infrastructure, loss of protected habitat, traffic congestion and flooding and drainage, all likely to suffer under the strain of new development.  Most recently members of FRAG fought along side residents at Andrews Lane as they tried to defeat a development on farmland near Hoggs Hill Lane railway crossing.  Residents in the upcoming battles will benefit greatly from the lessons learned in their struggle and we extend our thanks. 

Winter is coming - and so are the elections in May

Yes it's true, FRAG have been the majority group in the Parish Council for 4 years in May, we think we have achieved a lot in that time. Not only have we been able to provide some projects for the community, but we have been able to support many local residents on a personal basis when they have had problems. We have fought our cause on many occasion with Sefton Council, and are the only group that will stand up to officers and opposition councillors alike. We have no allegiance to anybody other than the residents of our community. Party politics have failed Formby. Bootle and the south of the Borough make the decisions that the local Labour councillors follow. They want to build large houses wherever they can to try and fund their projects on the south. The Conservative councillors are ineffective, out of touch, and poor representatives of the community. ONLY FRAG councillors will hold Sefton to account and not 'cosy up' to officers of the council. Maria Bennett, who lost her Borough Council seat last year by only a few votes will be looking for your support again this year. But not only Maria needs your support. All the Parish Council seats are up for re-election this year, and we would like to be given the chance to represent you again. Even better, why not come and join us! 

UPDATE: St Lukes Church Rd Formby.

As part of the Formby Parish Council, FRAG members are fighting to get a resolution to the problem surrounding St. Lukes Church Road and the access to both Albert and Alexander roads.  This stretch of road was successfully  claimed as a byway open to all traffic by Formby Civic Society in 1998.  However the order was never enacted by Council Officers in a shocking dereliction of duty!  Formby Parish Council have submitted a claim to the road however Sefton Council are currently seeking private agreements with land owners to reduce the level of access to this right of way. FRAG members have secured legal advice, via the Parish Council, in order to take this situation to a more formal level.