Pop-UP Bill and His FRAG Fibs vs FRAG Facts

FRAG Fibs PopUp


Most People expect their MP's and local politicians to be economical with the truth, many seasoned followers of politics are familiar with spin.  However the current claims about FRAG being presented by our opponents simply have no basis in fact.

Here are a selection of the latest and the FRAG Facts in reply:

FRAG vote against road Improvements....Labour says that because FRAG opposed 400 homes on the farmers field at Liverpool Rd and the new junction that will see 800 cars in front of existing residents queuing to get to work in the morning, this means we are against road improvements.  Developers only ever claimed the new road layout would not make traffic worse, not improve queues.  Residents will have plenty of time to consider if this is true as they join even longer queues to exit Formby in the morning.  

FRAG voted against better drainage.....similar to above, Labour say because FRAG voted against the building 1100 homes in Formby, on land that floods annually and the drainage schemes proposed by the developers, FRAG are against improved drainage.  John Williams former Senior Assistant Land Drainage Engineer for Sefton, says that none of the Formby Local Plan development sites should have been brought forward for building. The drainage schemes proposed do not identify or address many of the problems on each site. None of the schemes consider the full impacts of climate change. None of the schemes consider the impact of a future rise in ground water levels.  His conclusion was that these new schemes are likely to make flooding in Formby worse.

FRAG vote with the Tories.......FRAG have a Councillor on the Planning Committee. On planning FRAG have consistently vote against building on Formby's green belt, occasionally the Tories vote with us and against Labour who have supported all of Formby's green belt release. 

FRAG gave the green light to fracking..... Labour usually justify this statement by saying FRAG are in league with the Tories (see explanation above), the Tories support fracking, so FRAG are tacitly supporting fracking. Did you know FRAG was the first group to host FRACKOFF the original protest group against fracking at the Gild Hall.  FRAG paid for the hall in a joint meeting allowing FRACKOFF to address our supporters.

FRAG support School cuts.... this is usually presented as "a vote for FRAG is a vote for cuts". and again suggest that FRAG vote with the Tories, the Tories favour cuts therefore FRAG support cuts.  FRAG do not have any control over Sefton Council's budget and cannot cut Sefton Council spending.  FRAG control Formby Parish Council budget and have increased spending on community projects, not cut them.

FRAG's Neighbourhood Plan Includes Housing Schemes.... This is simply untrue and FRAG have lodged a complaint with the Returning Officer.  We invite you to read our Neighbourhood Plan click here, it does not support allocating land for housing, and contains no housing schemes.

FRAG support building executive homes on the green belt....Labour claim that FRAG don't want a Local Plan, and a no Local Plan means developers are free to build houses all over the green belt.  FRAG was the first local group to petition Sefton Council to get a Local Plan in place. Our Labour Council left us without a Local Plan for 5 yrs. During the consultations, FRAG supported Local Plan option 1 'urban containment' (no green belt release).  Labour supported maximum house building, a developers charter.  For each home built Sefton Council get a new homes bonus from the government. 


The latest porkies, fabrications and fibs in Labour's latest leaflet.

FRAG voted to give Parish Council money to a Company Run by Maria Bennett........completely untrue, the Parish Council has never given money to a company run by Maria Bennett.  The Parish Council have supported the Love Food Hate Waste drive to teach children about healthy eating, and supported the Formby Schools Choir Competition with a contribution to trophies and staging. As these two events were held at the Formby Festival, FRAG Councillors declared an interest and did not vote for these donations.  They were approved by Labour and Conservative Councillors on the Parish Council.

FRAG are so ashamed of our Candidate that we haven't put him/her on our Leaflets..... you should have received a leaflet with Maria Bennett and Dave Irving on the front cover.  All at FRAG are grateful to them for standing and their hard work and tireless efforts for the people of Formby.  We send out thanks to them we a very proud of them.

The latest fibs are slurs on our candidates, Pop-Up Bill is going to need a much longer nose, how will we get it through your letterboxes!

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