Save Formby Village Trees

Campaign Continues to Save the Formby Five!

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Formby Residents once again stepped in to prevent contractors removing the 5 large trees in Formby village earmarked for removal by Sefton Council.  Local people stood guard as others pursued a high court injunction to try and force Sefton to reconsider the fate of the Formby Village trees. 

For a second day all but minor pruning activity was brought to a halt, and as the hope of an injunction faded campaigners questioned if a bat study had been carried, as the holes (in the trees) described by the tree surgeons are potential roosting grounds for the nocturnal animals. 

Sefton Council has now sought a bat expert to survey the three large horsechesnuts in the village and this activity will be carried out on Wednesday.  Sefton FRAG Councillor Maria Bennett has recieved an email from Sefton's tree officer stating that there will be no tree removal tomorrow and depending on the result of the Bat Survey, work will begin again on Thursday.

Councillors and Parish Councillors have just recieved a letter from Sefton Council's Tree Officer stating the following.

"Dear Cllrs and Parish Councillors,

As per outcome of today there will be a bat survey undertaken tomorrow on the three Horse Chestnut trees planned for removal. I am writing as I wanted to let you all know that two members of staff from the contractor (idverde) will be climbing the trees and placing the equipment supplied by the professional independent bat expert in the trees. They will not be undertaking any cutting and we would appreciate it if people on the ground could give them space to undertake these works safely.

I did say today that no contractors would be on site tomorrow hence this email clarifying things – I reiterate no cutting of the trees will be taking place tomorrow 31st January 2018.

Kind Regards"

Well done to all who took part in today's protest, See you all on Thursday!

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