Great Altcar Fracking

Fracking 'Scoping' Application to Sefton Council


Aurora Energy have submitted a 'scoping opinion request for the construction of a well pad, drilling and hydraulic fracturing of two exploratory boreholes, testing procedures and restoration of site', to Sefton Council.  This concerns the exploratory drilling at Great Altcar Moss, which is just in West Lancashire, however its closeness to the Sefton border means that both Council's have to be consulted. 

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Bracken Way

Outline Planning Application Submitted for 286 Homes Bracken Way.

 Bracken Way

Sefton Council have now put an application for outline planning permission for 286 homes at Bracken Way on their website.

What is Outline Planning permission?

An Outline Planning Application means that they are not addressing all the issues required to gain full planning permission, they are only seeking to have approved specific aspects of their planning proposal. 

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